Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Today, I stumbled across a great music blog called Fingertips. It basically does the same thing that we do but, uh, much better. No offense to anyone, especially myself. I've enjoyed all of the MP3s I've found through it, especially the Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot (see my previous post), which I've been hunting for for some time. Also, I highly recommend the Hold Steady song listed there: The Swish (available here). I mentioned the Hold Steady and it's esteemed parentage (dear-departed gritty art-rocking should've-beens Lifter Puller) several months ago.

Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs are a Brit Pop/new wave revival band worth checking out. So far, I've read a lot of buzz but only have heard (appropriately) 2 songs:

- I Predict A Riot has the punk spirit of The Jam and is easily my favorite of the two.
- Oh My God, another single, is slower and has more of a Madness feel to it.

You can read more about Kaiser Chiefs on their website or at
Ace Fu Records.

Monday, March 21, 2005

New New Order

New Order, perhaps the last great Mancunian band still standing, will soon release their latest album, Waiting For The Sirens' Call. Need I bother to describe their sound or provide any historical context? The lead-off single, Krafty, is currently available at iTunes. It's incredibly catchy and reminiscent of the best of their later work (let's say from Republic on). I won't lie to you - the days of Power, Corruption, & Lies or even Substance are over, but I've found their more recent stuff growing on me. I lost interest after Technique. I resisted their previous album, Get Ready, for quite awhile but eventually succumbed and was pleasantly surprised. I'd recommend checking that album out if you've been skeptical. Also, I think that Regret, the single from the early 1990's album Republic ranks among the best New Order songs of all time.

In addition to the single on iTunes, which I recommend, you can download a special preview mix from Warner Bros. It's a little odd - a WMA file that seamlessly mixes together clips from several (all?) songs on the new album. Also, New Order Online is a great site that's the closest to an official site that I've found.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ex Models

I'd be very curious to hear what other people think of the song Girlfriend Is Worse by the Ex Models. Ex Models is a band from NYC that sounds like David Byrne amped up on speed, even more paranoid and agitated than usual, and backed by some amalgamation of Wire, Gang of Four, Devo, and {insert math-rock reference here}. The song seems to be in 4/4 time but you'd never know it given the herky-jerky rhythms. Fittingly, given the vocal resemblance, the song title is a play on Talking Heads' mid-period Girlfriend is Better.

I ask because I've been listening to it for about 2 years now and love it; however, I've read a few dismissive comments in reviews such as the one on AllMusic.com. They sum up the Ex Models' sound by saying that the band manages "to pull it off without sounding too pretentious." Admittedly, I haven't bothered to check out any other songs, but this one really clicks with me. And hey, if you don't like it, it's only 1:02 minutes long!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Babe Rainbow

Bit of a ramble here, but its been a while. Looking forwrad to the House of Love write-up, Steve; have already read a few tid-bits here, from Uncut & Guardian, and they're saying it's a throwback to late 80s psychedelic-dream pop. Life could e worse ! As some take it or leave it trivia, noted that the Luna tune 'Rainbow Babe' is about a 60s pop-art painting (actually, the painting is "Babe Rainbow", but same difference). HOL have a desperatley overlooked disc of the same name...with the painting on the cover. Synergy ! I've attached a link to the painting and a bit about Peter Blake.

Coupla things have really struck me on a (surprisingly) decent homegrown indie station here in KC....(hey, it's not Omaha, but what can you do ?) This from someone who had sworn off el radio years ago: Keane ('Everybody's Changing'), a beautiful single reminiscent of Travis' better moments and Coldplay's lighter side. Shouldn't be disappointed by this one. While on AD looking @ Keane info., noted the Delays were referenced as a similar band - from Southampton (from whence BSP hail, I believe) - a cross between the Hollies & Cocteau Twins, with a disc titled 'Faded Seaside Glamour' (worthy of name alone). Other bits and bobs: anyone have any info. on the Thrills (like what I've heard so far) and/or a mystery and (to me) that plays a JD dead ringer called 'Honest Mistake' (looked on AD - empty handed) ? That's it for now, but will post an article 'bout mope rock somehow relevant to our own sad interests...courtesy of Lee !

Friday, March 04, 2005

The Doves

I am going out for the evening but all I can say is the new album by The Doves Some Cities is absolutely a must have...unbelievable...will post more about them tomorrow...Check out the band's website and an interview on CMJ.

South By Southwest Podcast Feed

This is quite amazing...some guy has posted podcast of the bands playing at South by Southwest in Austin. If you use iPodder, which I now have a link in the right hand menu, you can download an enormous amount of music - files that the bands have posted. All you do is first load the software and then in the add manual feed put in the web address from the four links on the SXSW page. It takes a while to load all the songs, but this is alot easier than downloading each of them individually.

Cool stuff. I will post which bands I actually like tomorrow.

The OC Effect

Interesting article about Ryan Adams using the TV show "The OC" to preview a new song. That show has become a trend setting place for bands to gain a much larger audience as The Killers, Interpol, Death Cab for Cutie, Nada Surf, The Thrills all have had songs on the show in the last 18 months.

Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat is a band from Vancouver, British Columbia that plays a bratty brand of New Wave-influenced indie rock. They've been getting buckets of critical attention and praise and, in theory, I should have gotten around to listening to them before. Read more about them on the Sub Pop web site. Basically, think of The Strokes with less privilege, more snotty attitude.

You can download the following free MP3s:

Touch You Touch You
Get In Or Get Out
Goodnight Goodnight

You can also get Haircut Economics for free. It's from a split 7" and is a bit rougher to my ears.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bloc Party

I mentioned Bloc Party in a post from last fall. At the time, I was raving about their single, Banquet. The band is British and plays a danceable form of indie rock. AllMusic.com compares them favorably to Sonic Youth (don't hear it, myself), The Cure, Joy Division, and Gang of Four. The singer has a vaguely Robert Smith-ish yelp (don't let it deter you, but his voice also reminds me of Adam Duritz, the singer from the detestable Counting Crows). The band's first album, Silent Alarm, will be released next week. Here are some other good tracks, from the new album or not:

Little Thoughts
The Answer

Tulips appears to be the latest single; at least it's getting heavy airplay on RadioK. It's slower than all of the other songs I've heard by them but does build to a pleasing crescendo.