Monday, March 21, 2005

New New Order

New Order, perhaps the last great Mancunian band still standing, will soon release their latest album, Waiting For The Sirens' Call. Need I bother to describe their sound or provide any historical context? The lead-off single, Krafty, is currently available at iTunes. It's incredibly catchy and reminiscent of the best of their later work (let's say from Republic on). I won't lie to you - the days of Power, Corruption, & Lies or even Substance are over, but I've found their more recent stuff growing on me. I lost interest after Technique. I resisted their previous album, Get Ready, for quite awhile but eventually succumbed and was pleasantly surprised. I'd recommend checking that album out if you've been skeptical. Also, I think that Regret, the single from the early 1990's album Republic ranks among the best New Order songs of all time.

In addition to the single on iTunes, which I recommend, you can download a special preview mix from Warner Bros. It's a little odd - a WMA file that seamlessly mixes together clips from several (all?) songs on the new album. Also, New Order Online is a great site that's the closest to an official site that I've found.


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