Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ex Models

I'd be very curious to hear what other people think of the song Girlfriend Is Worse by the Ex Models. Ex Models is a band from NYC that sounds like David Byrne amped up on speed, even more paranoid and agitated than usual, and backed by some amalgamation of Wire, Gang of Four, Devo, and {insert math-rock reference here}. The song seems to be in 4/4 time but you'd never know it given the herky-jerky rhythms. Fittingly, given the vocal resemblance, the song title is a play on Talking Heads' mid-period Girlfriend is Better.

I ask because I've been listening to it for about 2 years now and love it; however, I've read a few dismissive comments in reviews such as the one on They sum up the Ex Models' sound by saying that the band manages "to pull it off without sounding too pretentious." Admittedly, I haven't bothered to check out any other songs, but this one really clicks with me. And hey, if you don't like it, it's only 1:02 minutes long!


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