Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bloc Party

I mentioned Bloc Party in a post from last fall. At the time, I was raving about their single, Banquet. The band is British and plays a danceable form of indie rock. AllMusic.com compares them favorably to Sonic Youth (don't hear it, myself), The Cure, Joy Division, and Gang of Four. The singer has a vaguely Robert Smith-ish yelp (don't let it deter you, but his voice also reminds me of Adam Duritz, the singer from the detestable Counting Crows). The band's first album, Silent Alarm, will be released next week. Here are some other good tracks, from the new album or not:

Little Thoughts
The Answer

Tulips appears to be the latest single; at least it's getting heavy airplay on RadioK. It's slower than all of the other songs I've heard by them but does build to a pleasing crescendo.


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