Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Oasis Single

Oasis is about to release its sixth album and has put out the video for the new single Lyla, a mid-tempo, driving song, which while not as good as early songs such as She's Electric and Live Forever, is a vast improvement over the last couple of albums, which have been given one listen and then banished to the do not play list. Hope the rest of the album measures up.

The Killers versus Bravery

Village Voice writer Chuck Eddy puts together his own list of post-punk bands (with links to download the songs). I really like Temper, Temper quite a bit - described as post-punk glam-rock. There also is a cover of Donna Summer's I Feel Love by Cobra Verde which is inspired.

Random list

Would these be your top 25 albums of all time? The appearance of Alanis Morrisette alone made me laugh...

The Kills

Just listened to the new album No Wow by The Kills and all I can say is that it is incredibly intense. Reminding me more of the best of PJ Harvey than the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, The Kills are led by female vocalist Allison Mosshart and Jamie Hince and on most songs combine drum machines with fuzzy or very raw guitars. The Kills definitely have a strong blues influence as well and the music is very dark. On the NPR website reviewing SXSW, you can listen to Love is a Deserter (about half way down the page). I will definitely listen to this album quite a bit more but perhaps not all in one sitting.

On their website, they have posted their video for The Good Ones, which starts off in what appears to be a New York style art gallery, proceeding to turn into a pepto bismo clean up site, then a Devo video and ending inexplicably in a scene I cannot possibly describe. Absolutely worth watching. Allison and Jamie are very, very serious people.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Colonel Rhodes

Found this song Saint Paul by a band out of Champaign-Urbana called Colonel Rhodes. The song combines a New Order baseline, fantastic hooks and what sounds like five people singing over each other. Would love to hear this song live as I am sure it brings down the house. Who knows if we will ever hear from this band again, but this song is definitely worth having in the rotation.

British Sea Power

Just listened to the new British Sea Power album Open Season and must say that I am quite disappointed. While I loved some earlier songs by this band, notably Fear of Drowning and Remember Me, this album just did not measure up, especially the opening song which set the tone for this mediocre effort. While allmusic likes this album quite a bit, I only really liked one song, Victorian Ice, and not much at that...

Interested to hear your thoughts Mike as you were a huge fan of this band.

Southern Rock Again

I finally got the new Kings of Leon album Aha Shake Heartbeat. Hailing from Tennesee and sounding like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon is comprised of three brothers and a cousin - the Followill family. The new album has many stand out tunes including The Bucket, Taper Jean Girl, King of the Rodeo, and Slow Night, So Long.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I Need a Matter Transporter

I'm not a huge fan of rap, although I had my dalliances with Dr. Dre and Cypress Hill back in the 90's. That said, I usually like the underground stuff that gets played by RadioK. They've been playing a catchy new single called Matter Transporter by an L.A. group named Time Machine. At the risk of betraying just how little I know about rap, it reminds me of De La Soul. You can read a much more informed opinion at Music For America. I can't find a free MP3 anywhere but you can listen to the whole song (and more) on Time Machine's website (it's Track 1 on the built-in media player).

Monday, April 18, 2005

Mellow Drunk

If you like The Church (and I know you do), then you'll love Mellow Drunk, a San Francisco-by-way-of-Minneapolis band that wears its Church influence on its sleeve. Think Starfish-era and later.

You can download quite a few free MP3s from two different sources:

My favorites are Never Sleep at Night and There For You. BTW, there seems to be an error with the song A Different Color on My Door on You can listen to the song, but I get an error when I try to download it. The other three songs download fine so go figure...

Friday, April 15, 2005

The Killers

I've been debating whether or not to post something on The Killers for awhile, and Mike's recent inquiry (see previous post) about them has pushed me over the edge. The reason I've held off (procrastination aside) is that I'm way too self-conscious (for my own good) about maintaining my indie rock street cred, and The Killers may compromise that somewhat. What can I say? Call me a snob but I'm always a bit dubious of any "alternative" band that I first encounter on my gym's proprietary music video channel. Or that Target/Best Buy etc promotes as being an exciting up-and-comer.

That said, I finally caved and iTuned (couldn't find any free MP3s out there) the 3 songs from Hot Fuss recommended by
- Jenny Was A Friend of Mine
- Mr. Brightside
- Somebody Told Me
Despite my reservations, I've enjoyed the songs a lot. The AllMusic review mentions the similarity to Duran Duran, and that's especially apparent on Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine. That song could easily fit on Duran Duran's first album, what with its popping bass and pouty vocals. If you like Duran Duran (and they're definitely a not-particularly guilty pleasure for me), I think you'll like it, as well as the other 2 songs. I recommend them, although I don't know that I'll explore the album any deeper.

killers/bravery, etc

Heard some buzz (and an ace single, 'honest mistake'...the Bravery) about these two, what's the word...deferring to people more 'up-to-date' than myself here.

Re: the Killers, can't help being suspect of any 'progressive' act coming from Vegas. Next to Siegfried & Roy, I bet these guys really put on a show. PPPlease !

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Neko Case - The Tigers Have Spoken

With her amazingly passionate voice along with a backing band of a steel pedal guitar and solid rhythm section, Neko Case has release a live album of four new songs along with five covers and two songs that she has reworked on The Tigers Have Spoken. The song Loretta was on last month's Uncut sampler and sounds exactly like the Velvet Underground when Lou Reed really played guitar, think What Goes On, only with female vocals. It is available on iTunes and is a must have. A couple of the songs on the album can be downloaded, If_You_Knew and Train_From_Kansas_City. In addition to her solo alt country career, she also is part of the New Pornographers which are an amazing group. The album Mass Romantic from a couple of years ago is also a classic. A new solo album is supposed to be on the way within the year...