Friday, November 19, 2004

U2: Irrelevant but what a sexy iPod!?

So, it's true, I'm one of the few people who haven't bought an iPod yet. In the last few months, I've started to think about seriously considering possibly buying one, though. The U2 special edition iPod may be what puts me over the edge. Considering that I haven't really given a shit about U2 for 14-15 years, I find their iPod incredibly compelling. And I actually like what I've heard of their new album - basically limited to a 30 second clip of Vertigo, the first single and featured song in the iPod commercial. Basically, I'd be paying $50 extra dollars for a better-looking iPod with a down payment on their digital box set. So give it to me straight, am I a sucker?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Things Fall Apart?

Just listened to the new album by The Roots, The Tipping Point, which apparently is a collection of jams that have been edited down. While it is not as good as Things Fall Apart, I did like many of the songs. While not all reviews were very positive, I do like the songs Star/Pointro with its Sly and the Family Stone sample as well as Guns Are Drawn and Somebody's Gotta Do It. You can listen to clips of the album here. I also just downloaded a live album of theirs since they are supposed to be an unbelievable live band and I would definitely like to see them next time they are out west.

Filth and the Fury

Funny you watched The Kids Are Alright this weekend. I finally got around to watching the movie The Filth and the Fury about the Sex Pistols. The scene were they celebrate the Queen's jubilee by renting a boat on the river Thames and playing an outdoor concert just after releasing the song God Save the Queen is unbelievable. Man that band was messed up. Sid Vicious plain out could not play an instrument to save his life and Johnny Rotten was a complete mess. Apparently after they released that song, they could not walk on the streets of London without people beating the crap out of them. There are a couple of interviews with Johnny Rotten from this era but they are silhouetted.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Lilys; Plus Futureheads/Prosaics Follow-up

Lilys is a band that I've known about for probably a decade but never got around to listening to. Read the reviews, know the story: sole constant member Kurt Heasley has gone from channeling My Bloody Valentine to guitar pop to British Invasion. I've downloaded 2 albums(A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns, In the Presence of Nothing) so far from Both are from the shoegazer era. Ginger, the 1st song on A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns, is amazing (but no letdown)! I swear I've been listening to it constantly for the last few days; I think I just listened to it 4 times in a row tonight! It's available on iTunes. I need to get further into their catalog...

Also, following up on the recommendations for The Futureheads and The Prosaics, I got their CDs in the mail this week and have been enjoying them immensely. The Prosaics' is an EP (Aghast Agape) and there's not a bad song on it (OK, only 5 but still). And The Futureheads remind me of early XTC. Very cool. Gotta love thick Scottish accents.

Total aside: I just watched The Who's Kids Are Alright on IFC tonight. I realize now that I've seen most of it before, stuck in a motel somewhere. Not essential but some fun footage. The best part for me (a former drummer) was watching Keith Moon. He never sat still and was doing 20 things where most drummers would be doing 1. A litle depressing thinking that half the band is dead now. Reminds me of the black humor Onion headline from this summer after death of 3rd Ramones member: "Ramones Reunion Nearly Complete"

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Elliott Smith

I just started listening to the new Elliott Smith album From a Basement on a Hill after having read multiple reviews and I must say that I think it is a very good album. My favorite tracks are Coast to Coast and A Fond Farewell. Looking back at his discography, he left behind an interesting body of work. I always loved the album Figure 8. Here are links to two songs from the current album Memory Lane and Twilight (click save as and name the file).

He will fall into the Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley category I imagine. Apparently there is now a book out called Elliott Smith and the Big Nothing, as well as a concert film about to be released, and a Spin Magazine interview with his girlfriend about the last days of his life.

AB-CD and Lee

Lee just sent me an email recommending the following bands from AB-CD...

HAROLD BUDD - Avalon Sutra

ALEXANDROID - False Starts

THE DEARS - No Cities Left

JACK DANGERS - Loudness Clarifies / Electronic Music From Tapelab


Here is the link to the overall site and their recent picks -

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sondre Lerche

Listening to alot of stuff today...just found Sondre Lerche which I had read about a couple of times but did not actually listen to until today. Listening to the album Faces Down as well as an EP of Two Way Monologue. I really like the songs Two Way Monologue, Sleep on Needles and Don't Be Shallow. His new album has been well received. Lerche definitely has a huge debt to Nick Drake and songs such as Northern Sky as well as Belle and Sebastian.

Music Blogging

in the current issue of Spin, there is an article about MP3 blogs that have emerged. This follows up on the article in the NYTimes that Alie sent along earlier about record labels using MP3 blogs to reach out to audiences. Here are a few links to ones I have found...


New Bjork album

Ok so I read in a couple of places that the Bjork album Medulla was quite good but after listening to it for the last hour, I can say that it freaks me out. There are almost no instruments on this and it is quite bizarre...check out the tracks Vokuru and Oceania.

I used to love Bjork - especially her first and second albums...


So the Q magazine site is generally terrible with little content (as opposed to the magazine which I love) but they did post their music award winners which is kind of interesting. So I decided to check out the band Razorlight. I just downloaded the album Up All Night by Razorlight off iTunes and all I can say is that this band is absolutely awesome. The songs Rip It Up, Don't Go Back to Dalston, and Up All Night are great.

The Futureheads

Another British band The Futureheads, which are wildly popular in England and have been touring with Franz Ferdinand. Here is the review from NME as well as the review from Rolling Stone. I recommend the songs Meantime and Hounds of Love, which is a remake of the Kate Bush song and remixed by the guy from The Streets.

You can download three songs at their website.

The Libertines

Clash 1977?

The Strokes 2001?

I have been listening to the new Libertines album - The Libertines all day. Can definitely recommend Can't Stand Me Now and Last Post on Bugle. They are British to the core in a way that the Blur was and Oasis was not.

Here is the review from Rolling Stone as well as from NME, which loves the band calling them along with Franz Ferdinand, some of the best music in a decade...

But from the beginning the band has been troubled and it already looks like the current tour and perhaps the band are in jeopardy...

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Solace for the post-election blues

Just what the fuck is wrong with this country?

But this blog is about music, so here are 2 songs to cheer the dispirited:

- Bloc Party - New indie Brit pop, don't even have full-length out yet. Sounds like Robert Smith singing. Check out Banquet, free for download at here. Read about them here.

- Prosaics - If you like Interpol, My Bloody Valentine, and Joy Division. Read about them here, download great song Teeth from here. Once again no full-length yet.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Drumming for Coltrane

This week's playlist from NYT includes an album from the drummer for John Coltrane in the 60s, Elvin Jones. Definitely want to try to check this out...