Saturday, November 13, 2004

Lilys; Plus Futureheads/Prosaics Follow-up

Lilys is a band that I've known about for probably a decade but never got around to listening to. Read the reviews, know the story: sole constant member Kurt Heasley has gone from channeling My Bloody Valentine to guitar pop to British Invasion. I've downloaded 2 albums(A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns, In the Presence of Nothing) so far from Both are from the shoegazer era. Ginger, the 1st song on A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns, is amazing (but no letdown)! I swear I've been listening to it constantly for the last few days; I think I just listened to it 4 times in a row tonight! It's available on iTunes. I need to get further into their catalog...

Also, following up on the recommendations for The Futureheads and The Prosaics, I got their CDs in the mail this week and have been enjoying them immensely. The Prosaics' is an EP (Aghast Agape) and there's not a bad song on it (OK, only 5 but still). And The Futureheads remind me of early XTC. Very cool. Gotta love thick Scottish accents.

Total aside: I just watched The Who's Kids Are Alright on IFC tonight. I realize now that I've seen most of it before, stuck in a motel somewhere. Not essential but some fun footage. The best part for me (a former drummer) was watching Keith Moon. He never sat still and was doing 20 things where most drummers would be doing 1. A litle depressing thinking that half the band is dead now. Reminds me of the black humor Onion headline from this summer after death of 3rd Ramones member: "Ramones Reunion Nearly Complete"


At 1:19 AM, Blogger Steve Malloy said...

Definitely liked the song Ginger. Downloaded some of the other album In the Presence of Nothing and that definitely sounded Shoegazer/MBV to me. I have been listening to the song Alison repeatedly by Slowdive constantly over the last couple of weeks. That is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. Definitely love that era of music...MBV, Ride, Swervedriver, Pale Saints, Catherine Wheel, Lush and perhaps my favorite The Boo Radleys (although they were all over the place and defy categorization)

Futureheads are great. On NME they are proclaiming this the best era of music in 10 years and while I would not go that far, there are alot of good bands out right now. I will try to track down the Prosaics album.


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