Thursday, July 29, 2004

More Recommendations From Lee

And insofar as new tunes of late go...the last best thing I heard was Northern Picture Library's "Still Life"...esp "Song for Dead Che (1) &(2)". The band NPL is related to the former Field Mice as well as current The Trembling Blue Stars.

I also recommend Jah Wobble's "Molam Dub". He's got tons of discs in his Hertz series I have only recently obtained and begun to process. They all seem to be very different. Got to give the man some credit for having loads of ideas the last few years. But then he found a patron of the arts tof urther his musings after his career apparently got sidelined a while back. As Mike can tell you, in the early 1990s I think Jah Wobble was doing sometruly great stuff. He's sure worked with some greats...Holger Czukay & Jacki Liebetz (of the incomparablke German Prog or "Kraut" Rock band Can) the Edge, Brian Eno and Natasha Atlas as I recall.

Finally, Warren turned me on to a late 1990s Electronica series called Freezone you might check out. It's aged very well as have many things from a decade ago. It is essentially on the wonderful old indie import label Crammed Discs. Each volume is two cds compiled by DJ Morpheus. It's pretty chilly, but not exacty narcoleptic, somnambulent or soporific...if you know what I mean. ;-)

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Mix of The Church

Trying to put together a compilation of The Church...initial thoughts include adding -

Under The Milky Way


Friday, July 23, 2004

T. Hives

I just got the new album Tyrannosaurus Hives by The Hives. Conclusion? It rocks every bit as much as Veni Vidi Vicious. If you loved that album then you'll love this one. If you didn't...well, I just don't know what to say. As with VVV, every song is a winner except for one. I always thought VVV was marred only by Find Another Girl, the only song that broke from the supercharged Nuggets formula. Similarly, Diabolic Scheme, which has synthesized strings and tries too hard to be weird, sucks too. But 11 out of 12 is pretty good by anyone's standard.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Selections from Lee from AB-CD Playlist

BARK PSYCHOSIS - Codename : DustsuckerThe release of Codename:Dustsucker marks the return of BarkPsychosis  after a 10 year retreat into virtual obscurity.The previously released LP, 'Hex' has spent that timesustaining the sense of enigma  that has become synonymouswith the name and garnering the warm  reverence of criticsand fans alike. In their early existence, Bark  Psychosisstumbled their way naively to a place in music of fargreater influence than could have been anticipated. The_expression  'post-rock' was invented specifically todescribe their sound.- on  Fire  $15.97

DANGERS, JACK - Forbidden Planet Explored (bonus Cd)"You may know Jack as the founding member of the mostexperimental  and influential group ever to hit the dancefloor, Meat Beat  Manifesto. His intensely elaborate workwith Meat Beat Manifesto  combined deep bass grooves,massive bursting samples and dense  barrages of hip-hop,industrial and avante-funk and his giant  influence is nowpractically immeasurable.  This double CD release  containsJack's now famous soundtrack for the legendary sci-fi filmForbidden Planet. - Danger's personal soundtrack forForbidden Planet  has become the stuff of legend since itsperformance at the  I.D.E.A.L. Festival and his fans havebeen after recordings of it  ever since.  As a special bonus, Forbidden Planet Explored contains a  second cd full ofsci-fi sound effects inspired by the BBC  RadiophonicWorkshop." - on Important Records  $14.97

ELIAS, HANIN - Future NoirBlade Runner-Esque Future Noir Sound... This is the newstudio album  of Ex-ATR's HANIN ELIAS.  - an atmosphere ofdark deep sadness and  beauty using elements of intensedance, strange hip hop and lively  fresh wave. There arebeautiful hymns mixed with avantgarde  industrial elements,unusual guitar rock, electronic sounds, analogue  drums,pianos... there's even an unplugged session. Above all HANINELIAS unique singing style, which shows a wide range ofmoods and  emotiones you might not have expected. Tough andstrong, beautiful  and vulnerable at the same time.  - onFatal  $13.97

LOW - Lifetime Of Temporary Relief : B-sides and Rarities(CD & DVD set) At long last, an exhaustive compilation ofB-sides, rarites,  outtakes, and never before heard demosfrom the past 10 years of  Low's career. Featuring 50 songsassembled by the band themselves,  including 7 exclusivesongs, over 3 discs, this collection ranges  from their veryfirst bedroom recordings (1993) all the way through  tovinyl-only cuts from their most recent CD, Trust (2003), andeverything in the middle as well--all together consisting ofalmost 4  hours of music. Bound together with a fourth(extended length) DVD  disc, featuring all 11 of Low'svideos, 3 live songs, and a series of  documentaries by MarcGartman, this thing is a behemoth. Also  included is a verynicely designed 32-page booklet with song  descriptions andcommentary by the band, and it all comes in a pretty  whiteand blue cardboard box. From quiet to loud, from obscure toobtuse, from Jandek to Journey, from subpar to sublime...10years of  Low, all in one place. - on Chairkickers Music$37.97

MANZANERA, PHIL - 6PMRecorded at Phil's new studios with musician friends (BrianEno,  David Gilmour, Robert Wyatt, Chrissie Hynde, PaulThompson & Andy  Mackay no less!) passing through to addtheir own magic to the album,  '6PM' is an intriguingjourney into sound. As Phil himself explains,  thebeautifully layered and textured '6PM' "evokes unconsciousmemories of psychedelic London" and "embodies all theinfluences and  reasons why I became a musician and continueto be one". Almost  classical at times, featuring oboe,viola and double bass interwoven  with Manzanera'sincomparably expressive guitar lines, it is no  surprisethat the sonic lanscape of '6PM' is rich, startling andunique...a rare treat for fans! Complete tracklistingonline. - on  Hannibal  $25.97

NAMLOOK, PETE / JENSSEN, GEIR (BIOSPHERE)- The Fires Of Ork  "The Fires Of Ork was the first collaboration between PeteNamlook  and Geir Jenssen (aka Biosphere) and has sincerisen to legendary  status in the ambient electronic sceneas the first meeting of these  two masters. Their commonlove for classical music as well as dark  ambient tranceresulted in a unique combination of style that you  couldexpect when you mix the essence of their Silence withBiosphere."  - on Fax  $16.44

TELESCOPES, THE - Altered Perceptionformed in 1986 as a vehicle for music written, produced,arranged &  performed by Stephen Lawrie. Featuringperformances of various like  minded musicians depending onthe requirements of the music. Starting  out in a noise-feststyle similar to Spacemen 3, they developed their  style toinclude psychedelic guitars and groovy bass lines. Aftersigning to Creation they released their 2nd album - stillclassed as  a masterpiece by the fans and critics alike butcouldn't release  their third album before the closure ofCreation Records. Altered  Perception: The first releasefrom The Telescopes since the 'Third  Wave' in 2002.Featuring tracks previously unavailable on CD like  'SadnessPale' and '16T#4' this release also contains materialrecorded by the band during the 'Creation years' butunreleased until  now. Packaged with superb artworkthroughout and re-mastered to The  Telescopes specifications, this is another fine release from Space  Age Recordings. -on Space Age  $15.97

TREMBLING BLUE STARS - Southern Skies Appear BrighterAdvance single taken from the forthcoming fifth album by oneof the  most moving and beloved bands in the indie┬┤sBritishscene, which  Elefant has a great pleasure to release  lyworldwide. This Cd-single  includes "Helen Reddy" as maintrack, followed by four more  previously unpublished songs("A beginning of a kind", "Open skies",  "Hurry home throughthe crowds" and "One wish grante"), which will  not beincluded in the album "The seven autumn flowers" (to bereleased after summer). Limited edition. - on Elefant  $5.97

WAGON CHRIST - Sorry I Make You Lush"Luke Vibert aka Wagon Christ is back (once again). Behold.The only  man to have recorded full length albums for Warp,Mo' Wax and the  mighty Ninja, the Cornwall School's answerto Marcel Duchamp (only  kitscher), the man who put thesticky wet patches into ambient, the  magic tricks intodrill 'n' bass, the rip into, erm, instrumental hip  hop,the only living musician trying to keep Vicks' market shareup.  I'm Sorry I Made You Lush displays all the trademarkWagon Christ  tricks -- woozy, gaudy, beautifulkitschtronica, the tightest,  tidiest funk drummage andanus-wobbling sub bass. But there is, of  course, a littlemore than that. Mr Vibert does it again -- before  you knowit you're gulping down endless handfuls of sugar coatedavant garde pills and not even noticing the levels ofcleverness, the  sheer range of inventiveness, the subtletyof this West Country music  machine." - on Ninja Tune$13.47

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

What's So Great About Wilco?

What do people think of this article: What's So Great About Wilco? I was into Wilco and Son Volt when their 1st albums came out after Uncle Tupelo broke up. I saw Wilco live several times (Son Volt once) and they rocked. But I haven't listened to any of Wilco's subsequent albums (except for the Mermaid Avenue thing with Billy Bragg). I know they've gotten a lot of critical acclaim but I'm just kinda tired of Wilco. I enjoyed Heavy Metal Drummer from YHF, but can't really get behind Hummingbird (from the new album). I mean, it's OK, but I guess I'm guilty of having a short attention span...

Monday, July 19, 2004

Fiery Furnaces

This week's NYTimes playlist includes the Fiery Furnaces, yet another NYC band. I have listended to the old album quite a bit and can recommend I'm Gonna Run and Tropical Ice-Land. They are really hard to categorize but they certainly like the blues and the Velvet Underground an awful lot. Here is the NYTimes link -
Also the playlist recommends Ethiopiques 18. I have a bunch of these albums and they are amazing. I love album #9 of Alemayehu Eshete which is James Brown style funk. Great Album.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Soviettes

Very cool mostly female punk-pop band from Mpls that's gotten a lot positive attention. Reviewers like to talk about them in terms of the Go-Go's meet the Ramones, which is about right. Tight, short, catchy, often political songs. Boy, do they hate Dubya! Their first album (LP) is amazing; their recently released 2nd album (LP II) is great, too. Check out the free songs on The Soviette's website:

- 1st album: Matt's Song, Blue Stars, Bottoms Up Bottomed Out
- Rock Against Bush - Paranoia! Cha Cha Cha
- LP II - #1 is Number Two

They all sing, including the male drummer who has a bit of a sing/shout, Fred Schneider (B52's) thing going on.

You can see 2 of their videos at Yahoo. The Land of Clear Blue Radio is a bit low-budget but #1 Is Number Two is cool.

Monday, July 12, 2004


I just found an old album from around three years ago called The Kids from Philly from a band called Marah which I absolutely love. Here is a clip of a song from their next album called Float Away. They are sort combo of The Replacements and Springsteen. The Boss actually appears on the current album. Check out the song Round Eyed Blues from the Kids in Philly, though the whole album is well worth buying and is on iTunes.

New Jesse Malin Album

For those who missed him the first time round, Jesse Malin has a new album out The Heat that has gotten very strong reviews. He is a former front man of a punk rock band and now is more of the Ryan Adams ilk. Actually Ryan Adams produced his first album and played on a lot of the tunes. Here are a couple of clips. I love the whole first album but in particular like the songs Queen of the Underworld and Riding on the Subway. The latter song reminds me of the song That's Entertainment by the Jam. I saw him last tour and he was unbelievable and he is back in San Francisco in a couple of weeks and I am planning on seeing him again...

Calexico and Woolsey

Two favorites lately -

Calexico. I have loved them for a long time and listen to the album the Hot Rail all the time. Southwestern type indie music that is quite interesting. Here are a couple of songs from them on Epitonic. Check out the song Crystal Frontier. I cannot stop listening to this.

Woolsey. This band I found on a Magnet sampler a while ago and also have this in the heavy rotation. I love the song Drifting Like a Seawreck.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Free MP3s at

Just stumbled across another site that offers free downloads of various indie MP3s. seems to be based somewhere in Iowa, which may explain why it's skewed a bit to the Minneapolis music scene. But hey, so much the better for you poor folks stranded in the cultural wastelands of NYC, SF, etc. Here are 2 recommendations, both Mpls bands:

The Plastic Constellations - Davico: These guys are barely out of high school. I have their 1st album from a few years back (when they were still in high school). At the time, they showed a definite Pavement influence. Their new album has been getting a lot of play on Radio K.

Olympic Hopefuls - Holiday: Another Radio K favorite. Cheerful guitar-oriented indie rock.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

All New in 5 Days!

Is anyone else excited about the new & improved version of that launches in 5 days? I probably spend more time on that site than any other in the WWW. Many is the hour I've spent (particularly on slow days at work) researching and following links from ABC to the Zombies. What an amazing resource!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A little mellow, a little groove...

Two electronic songs for today...

First up from Mr. Scruff & Seaming called "Beyond." Mr Scruff of course has become quite well know because of the song "Get a Move On" which has been used in a couple of commercials because of the incredible jazz horn sample. Another band I have taken a liking to is Naomi and the song "Option." This is a great downtempo song...

Both of these are on iTunes...

A boring list from a boring band

This weeks' NYTimes Sunday Playlist by the co-founder of They Might Be Giants is uninspired other than the reference to the re-release of an old Zombies album. By now, most have heard or at least heard that Franz Ferdinand and the Beastie Boys albums are out. Here's hoping for next week...


Remember these guys? Great band. Brit-punk-pop at it's best. I just started relistening to it again. I had forgotten how good a band they are.

Check it out: Elastica (self titled) released 1995

Songs: Annie, Connection, Line-up, Stutter - all great tunes. This is an album you can listen to almost all the way through.

Virgin Records

When I go to Virgin in Union Square, I usually spend about 45 minutes just listening and looking around to find "something new". Recently I picked up the 2 mixes, the first "Tokyo, The Sex, The City, The Music" the other "Paris, The Sex, The City, The Music". I like the Tokyo CD better, but they are both very good. A great sampling of music that is new, different and interesting. Lots of dance/electronic, but also some great lyric/melody driven tunes. I especially like #2 on the Tokyo CD.

I bought the new Beastie Boys today, WOW! I adore the Beastie Boys. I happened to be in Wal*Mart (don't ask) I saw the Beatise Boys CD and picked it up...until I noticed "Edited" very surreptitiously on the price label. Upon asking, I found that Walmart sells very few CD's that they have not edited (unless it's the Lion King soundstrack or something). Needless to say, I will never be making a music purchase (or gun purchase) there again. I like to hear it when AD Rock says "mutherfucker"!!!! I cannot imagine the music without it...