Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Soviettes

Very cool mostly female punk-pop band from Mpls that's gotten a lot positive attention. Reviewers like to talk about them in terms of the Go-Go's meet the Ramones, which is about right. Tight, short, catchy, often political songs. Boy, do they hate Dubya! Their first album (LP) is amazing; their recently released 2nd album (LP II) is great, too. Check out the free songs on The Soviette's website:

- 1st album: Matt's Song, Blue Stars, Bottoms Up Bottomed Out
- Rock Against Bush - Paranoia! Cha Cha Cha
- LP II - #1 is Number Two

They all sing, including the male drummer who has a bit of a sing/shout, Fred Schneider (B52's) thing going on.

You can see 2 of their videos at Yahoo. The Land of Clear Blue Radio is a bit low-budget but #1 Is Number Two is cool.


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