Friday, April 15, 2005

The Killers

I've been debating whether or not to post something on The Killers for awhile, and Mike's recent inquiry (see previous post) about them has pushed me over the edge. The reason I've held off (procrastination aside) is that I'm way too self-conscious (for my own good) about maintaining my indie rock street cred, and The Killers may compromise that somewhat. What can I say? Call me a snob but I'm always a bit dubious of any "alternative" band that I first encounter on my gym's proprietary music video channel. Or that Target/Best Buy etc promotes as being an exciting up-and-comer.

That said, I finally caved and iTuned (couldn't find any free MP3s out there) the 3 songs from Hot Fuss recommended by
- Jenny Was A Friend of Mine
- Mr. Brightside
- Somebody Told Me
Despite my reservations, I've enjoyed the songs a lot. The AllMusic review mentions the similarity to Duran Duran, and that's especially apparent on Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine. That song could easily fit on Duran Duran's first album, what with its popping bass and pouty vocals. If you like Duran Duran (and they're definitely a not-particularly guilty pleasure for me), I think you'll like it, as well as the other 2 songs. I recommend them, although I don't know that I'll explore the album any deeper.


At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Bill V said...

The Killers have been getting a pretty bad rap by indie types. So they have a sound that reminds us of Duran Duran (it could be worse). I still count 5 or 6 pretty good tunes. Anyway, their live show does leave something to be desired, but I think those that keep ripping these guys just don't like poppy sounding rock.

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Steve Malloy said...

The Killers have a couple of good tunes. Should they get this much hype? Probably not. Does that mean they should be beaten


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