Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Shrinking Islands

Awhile back, I came across the song State Fair by the Boston group The Shrinking Islands. Then, the other day I stumbled upon their website and picked up several more songs. The Shrinking Islands remind me a bit of Mitch Easter-produced R.E.M., The Feelies, and The Connells - in other words, the jangly indie pop of the mid-80's. The band doesn't appear to have an album out, but you can download 6 songs for free from their EPs, In the Black Carpet Version One and In the Black Carpet Version Two:

In the Black Carpet Version 1
1. Big Nature Comes Back
2. The Secret Activities Begin
3. State Fair

In the Black Carpet Version 2

1. Bad Company
2. Swallowed in Grace
3. In the Black Carpet

The songs are available at their website. I particularly like State Fair, In the Black Carpet, and Swallowed in Grace. The latter song sounds like it just got here via a time traveling bus from Chronic Town, which is OK by me - check out the guitar in the intro. In addition to The Shrinking Islands' website, check out their MySpace site.


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