Saturday, December 24, 2005

She Wants Revenge

She really, REALLY does... She Wants Revenge is a L.A. band that mines the Joy Division vibe like it was going out of style (and that's never a bad thing, in my book). Their full-length debut won't be released for several months, but the entire album is available for purchase on iTunes. In fact, iTune's free single of the week is She Wants Revenge's Tear You Apart, which is a fun little number that apparently has enlisted Ian Curtis's ghost, gloomy detached voice and all. Get the single for free before it goes away.

The band's website has a rather interesting design. Instead of typical pages like Shows, News, Links, etc, the pages are entitled Deceit, Betrayal, Lies, Revenge, and Possession. There are 2 videos but no MP3 downloads, unfortunately. However, you can listen to a few of their other songs on their site. Sister, Out of Control, and These Things are all quite good - especially the former. I expect I will eventually buy their album when it comes out.


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