Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Editors is a new band from the UK that has been hyped as the British Interpol. Let's ignore the irony of that statement, which ignores the fact that Interpol basically has been making a decent living for the last few years pretending to be British and copping the sounds of British groups like Joy Division and the Chameleons. And let's ignore the fact that Editors' great single Munich is basically Interpol's Obstacle 1 sped up (seriously: check out that staccato rhythm guitar part playing 1/8 notes on the 1 and 3 beats - ching-ching! ching-ching! verrrrrrrrrrrrry similar). The fact is, the song rocks and is catchy as hell; I highly recommend it. And frankly, wouldn't it be rather jingoistic of me to applaud Interpol for channeling Joy Division but criticize Editors for doing the same? At any rate, currently, the Munich single is all that's available on iTunes. Unfortunately, Back Room, their full-length debut can only be bought as an import. Still, it seems to be available used from Amazon.com and others for a reasonable price, so I'll probably buy it soon.

Follow-Up, 11.28.2005
As promised, I did buy Editors' Back Room and am enjoying it immensely - dare I say more than the 2nd Interpol album? I'd recommend buying it. There seem to be many relatively low-cost used import versions out there. On a side note, mine arrived in great condition very promptly from an Amazon.com merchant. My only complaint, if you can call it that, is that some of the text on the back of the CD appears to be in Russian (just the legal/record label related stuff - all of the track names, liner notes, etc are in English). I knew that it would be an import but I foolishly assumed it was being imported from England. Oh well, I've always said that the Russian mob/black market does great work...


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