Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Chameleons UK

I've been curious about the album that the reunited 80's band The Chameleons (The Chameleons UK, to be strictly legal) put out in 2001. gives the album Why Call It Anything? 4 our of 5 stars, but based on their description of the songs, and a quick listen to samples, I only found one song that recalls the glory days of such songs as Swamp Thing, In Shreds, Don't Fall, and Second Skin. Indiana, the 3rd song on the album, is classic Chamelons - a driving melody with soaring vocals and guitar lines that don't skimp on the effects pedals. The rest of the album seems more acoustic and/or down-tempo, which may not be a bad thing, but so far I've only downloaded Indiana from


At 3:05 PM, Blogger mr. m said...


This is a great album, though likely not as solid throughout as such former glories as Strange Times or Script of the Bridge. Still, tunes such as "Dangerous Land", "Anyone Alive" & the aformentioned "Indiana" do rival their earlier material. Gotta give the lads credit for retaining the majestic sweep of their earlier material, while also being imaginative enough to add rap vocals to the ambient tune "Miracles & Wonders". Just so you know , there was also another release "Skin" that came out around this time with some lovely re-workings of old classics such as "Caution". Incidentally, I was fortunate enough to see two consecutive nights in SF, November '01; can't recall if Steve accompanied me. Shame that they had to call it quits again in early '03 - for the second time, do to inner discord. Wo knows if we'll ever hear from the mighty Chameleons again ?


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