Monday, February 28, 2005


Joy Division originally called themselves Warsaw and had a full album recorded before they scrapped it and released Unknown Pleasures. The album, finally released in 1994 as Warsaw (both band name and album title), has a great raw punk edge to it and little of the self-indulgent mopiness that can (in my opinion) really get in the way of some of Joy Division's lesser songs. One of the songs, Warsaw, actually surfaced on Substance. My secret shame is that that song, the least Joy Division-esque song on the whole album, has always been one of my favorites. [Just like my favorite Woody Allen movie is Bullets Over Broadway because he doesn't actually appear in it, which puts me in the same league as Ned Flanders: "I'd like his movies if it weren't for that nervous fella that's always in them."] Don't know if the album is available on iTunes - kinda doubt it. But you can at least listen to clips from and determine exactly how much of a Joy Division completist you are.


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