Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Sloan is a great power pop band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, that's been around since 1991. Years ago, I was introduced to them by accident. My first choice of a free CD with my Magnet subscription wasn't available so they sent me Sloan's 1998 album Navy Blues instead. After my initial disappointment, I realized that the album was the greatest 70's power pop album not actually recorded during that decade. I strongly recommend the album.

I hadn't kept up with Sloan on subsequent releases or dug into their back catalog, but I just downloaded some AllMusic-recommended tracks from their latest album, Action Pact, from The tracks rock, and I'd definitely recommend them:

- Gimme That
- False Alarm
- I Was Wrong

I probably will check out the rest of the album when I have more eMusic credits next month. You can listen to samples at Sloan's website, although they all seem to be for RealPlayer. :(    iTunes probably has their stuff, too.


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