Thursday, February 10, 2005

Grahan Coxon (ex-Blur)

Up until a few years ago, Graham Coxon was the guitarist for Britpop giants Blur. He's released several solo albums, before and after he left the band, with varying critical success. However, his latest album, Happiness in Magazines, has been getting a lot of positive press. Read more about it at So far, I've downloaded the two singles:

- Spectacular
- Freakin' Out

If you loved the indie rock sound of post-Park Life Blur (think Song 2 - you know, the "Whoooo-hooooo!" song), then you'll love these songs! And if you're wondering why Blur's most recent and first post-Coxon album sucked, you may have an answer.


At 7:58 PM, Blogger Steve Malloy said...

Definitely like both of these songs and I will check out the rest of the album

I did not hear the last Blur album. Sorry to hear it was not up to snuff. Just read that Damon Albarn was busy at work finishing up his virtual hip-hop group Gorillaz's next album. Apparently it is very far behind because they have not finished the animation and the record company, which I think is EMI, had to issue a profit warning with both this and the new Coldplay albums late.


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