Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Crooning Troubadour

Anybody ever see the episode of Mr. Show where David Cross and Bob Odenkirk play "megaphone crooners", fictitious guys who were briefly all the rage in the pre-radio early 1900s and to the delight of the ladies, crooned lovesongs onstage into megaphones? Well, Mpls local artist Randall Throckmorton, the self-styled "Crooning Troubadour," definitely channels that look and sound (see 6th photo where he's singing into a "voice horn"). This is way outside my usual taste for Pavement/Guided by Voices/My Bloody Valentine - aping indie guitar rock, but RadioK has been playing a song by Throckmorton called Honeysuckle Vine that piqued my interest. You can download it here, along with several other songs. Recommended if you appreciate The Beatles' Honey Pie, particularly its intro. I don't know, might not be for everybody, but I kinda dig it...


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