Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Asobi Seksu

Asobi Seksu is NY band that channels My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth successfully, while bringing in its own sensibility. How can I not make a comparison to Blonde Redhead - arty SY-influenced NY band with a Japanese female vocalist (the rest of the band, however, does not consist of male Italian identical twins, so there ends the similarity). You can get four free songs from the band's website. Sooner is the most MBV-ish of the tracks (perhaps a response to the MBV classic Soon?). I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me is bouncy dream pop with Japanese lyrics. Walk on the Moon is slower and dramatic. The last track, Let Them Wait, is sung by the male guitarist and reminds me of early Blonde Redhead and by extension, Sonic Youth. The songs are all off the band's self-titled debut. Looks like the album is available on iTunes, if you want to check out other tracks.


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