Thursday, September 30, 2004

Interpol Delivers

The new Interpol album, Antics, is out and definitely lived up to its promise. In some ways, I think it's better than their first album - in terms of consistency and track sequencing, if nothing else. I love that album but feel like it bogs down at the end. Some standout tracks from the new album:

- Slow Hands
- Evil
- Take You On A Cruise
- C'mere
- Length Of Love

The album closer, A Time To Be So Small, was already released as B-side and probably didn't need to be included again. Small complaint, though.

Are we still doing this? Does anyone read this blog anymore? If so, please leave a comment or email me (be sure to fix the @ in my email address).


At 3:02 PM, Blogger Steve Malloy said...

I like the new album but not as much as the first album. Probably something to do with how original (yet entirely derivative) it seemed. The song Slow Hand however is incredible.

The Hives album is amazing. That band is just fierce. The Strokes sophomore effort was disappointing so it was good to see The Hives deliver.


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