Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Verging on novelty

I've really never liked "novelty" artists - Ween, Weird Al, King Missile, etc - or songs. Guess I'm too pretentious and take my music rather seriously. Nevertheless, these are songs that crack me up:

1) Check out the song Wish I Sang A Little Better by The Sprites (available on iTunes). I don't really know anything about the band but the song is hilarious. It namechecks the singer's vocally-challenged idols like Feargal Sharkey (Undertones), Stephen Pastel, and "Bernard Sumner on Love Vigilantes" (i.e., lead singer of New Order).

2) Plea From A Cat Named Virtue by The Weakerthans. Written from the point of view of the singer's cat. Actually more poignant than cutesy. Also on iTunes.


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