Thursday, June 24, 2004

Let's Explore Epitonic

Yes, I mention in almost every post, but only because the site is a great source of free indie rock MP3s. Certainly not because I get remunerations of any kind from them. If only...

That said, let's wade into this site slowly so as not to overwhelm. Perhaps 2 songs would be a good place to start:

- The New Pornographers: Canadian supergroup of sorts that received a LOT of critical attention/buzz with their 2nd album, The Electric Version, from 2003. They spin out ultra-catchy pop confections that amaze. I own the album and confess that it's almost too much to listen to in one sitting (like eating a whole bag of cotton candy). Nevertheless, check out their free song on Epitonic - The Laws Have Changed. It's a single from the album and one of the standout tracks.

- East River Pipe: Low-fi artist from the 90's comprised by one-man-band, F.M. Cornog. Every article about Cornog mentions the fact that he was homeless for a while, so I suppose I will, too. I haven't heard other material by him, but the song Make a Deal with the City is one of the most achingly lovely things I've ever encountered. Judge for yourself.


At 6:43 PM, Blogger Steve Malloy said...

The New Pornographers are an amazing band and that is a great song.

Keep up the guide to epitonic. It is really quite an overwhelming site...


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