Friday, June 18, 2004

Dream Syndicate

Yesterday on my lunch hour, I went to a indie record store and ran into a friend from college. He was at a listening station checking out a new rarities CD by The Dream Syndicate. For those of you who missed The Dream Syndicate the first time around (early 80s), like I did, they're an incredible band from LA who developed a Velvet Underground-esque sound and were part of the so-called Paisley Underground scene (The Three O'Clock, Bangles, etc). Their leader Steve Wynn is still active as a solo artist. Their first album, The Days of Wine and Roses, is one of those must-have albums that you may not already have. I only heard/bought it 2 years ago, but I vividly remember reading its review in Rolling Stone in 1982 and knowing that I would like it. The reviewer characterized the snarling, malevolent guitar work as the voice of evil with Steve Wynn's vocals and the voice of good. Something overblown like that...

At any rate, you can listen to clips on I highly recommend the album; standout tracks include:

- Tell Me When It's Over
- Then She Remembers

But, really, it's all good, with the exception of Too Little, Too Late. Let's all make a pact that, when we have bands of our own, we won't let our tone-deaf bassists sing a token song. Kim Gordon can get by on tons of style/attitude, but otherwise, not a good idea.


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