Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Saw the band Nomo at Bottom of the Hill last week. Originally from Ann Arbor, they are now on a long, long tour and the night in San Francisco seemed to catch lightning in a bottle. From the outset they were absolutely on fire. Nomo plays a combination of Afro-Beat, Dub Reggae, and Funk, very much in the same vein as Fela Kuti from Nigeria in the 1970s.

With searing horn solos, little singing, and a rhythm section keeping a ferocious beat, they tore through about an hour set. One of the first songs was Nu Tones which is on their new release from Ubiquity Records called New Tones. I have no idea what instrument the leader of the band was playing on this song but it is a relentless and quickly captured the attention of crowd that had been lulled to sleep by possibly the worst opening act I have seen in years. You can listen to this as well as two other songs at Myspace.


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