Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sigur Ros - Live!!

Saw Sigur Ros in KC last night, a band I've been following for several years now and have wanted to see live now for as many. I think I remember just missing 'em in the Bay Area in '01-'02 when I was a denizen of that sleepy bay town.

It was certainly a show to exceed all expectations - oscillating between delicate, gauzy sweet lullabies (ie, Cocteau Twins) and dissonant wails conjouring, we agreed, something akin to the austerity of the Icelandic landscape and Norse sagas and nothing else I can think of. Most notweorthy, the lead dude, Thor what's-his-name has a phenomenal voice that is no less impressive live...a piercing otherworldy instrument unlike any other. After a couple of stunning songs to finish things off (one blistering tune reminiscent of the Spiritulized show I saw in SF with Steve, and another somber Coldplay/Radiohead piano number), the entire band came out for a bow and started clapping to honor the crowd; talk about the anti-Rock-n-Roll - don't think I've ever seen that...was kind of a beuatiful thing and really suited the contemplative mood of the evening.


At 7:09 PM, Blogger Steve Malloy said...

That Spiritualized concert was unbelievable.

Mike, wasn't the weekend where you hung out with the lead singer Jason Pierce as he spun tunes at some club in SF and made fun of you for not knowing anything about soul and gospel music?

I seem to remember a rush to the vaults to listen to The Staple Singers...


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