Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bottom of the Hill - November Shows

Here are downloads of bands that are playing at my favorite venue in San Francisco in November...

Cerberus Shoal - Wyrm, Pie for Presidents, New One
The Drift - Streets, Invisible Cities
Chow Nasty - Ungawa
Black Furies - Killer Inside, Murder City Shakedown, Hard Luck, No Money Down
Why? - Rubber Traits, Sanddollars, Daria
The Life on Earth - Woes of the Unisured, Skeln, Your Karma is Coming, Pronnesetic, The Ladybug
The Welcome Matt - In San Francisco, Love Too Much?, Intro, A Rise and Fall
Candy From Strangers - I've Got You, Strange Ride
The Girlfriend Experience - Thumb, Katy, Gonorrhea
Great Lake Swimmers - Various Stages, Bodies and Minds, Moving Pictures Silent Films,
I Will Never See The Sun
Cushion Theory - In the Dust, Bad Eyes, R.O.H.a., Get Close, Star and eye
The Standard - A Year of Seconds
The Kingsbury Manx - Pelz Komet, Grape to Grain, Over the Waves
The Lucky Stiffs - Black, S.S. Shipwreck
Lonely Kings - Subderal Hematoma
Try Failing - Sleepless City, I Don't Believe, No Side
Inverness - Miller Does A Body Good, Are You Listening?
Gogogo Airheart - So Good, The Ideal Weight, The Last Goodbye, Mi fi

Here are the myspace sites of a couple of other bands...

Street to Nowhere
The Plus Ones


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