Tuesday, May 17, 2005

BSP - Open Season

In case you missed my comment to the original below:

False Alarm; BSP's new outing, Open Season, is a lovely, fully defined, sophmore effort that seems more graceful and commanding with each listen. Though I know what you mean by the fact that it doesn't grab you by the neck as their first one, tunes like "How will I eveer find my way home" & "Oh Larsen B" (homage to a melting ice cap - who else could do that ?) explore new territory while maintaining BSPs eccentric perspective. It's true that mostr of the songs are quieter, but the ones mentioned above still remain intense (maybe more so) while being more focused and less scrappy. I would add that the production is eons better too. And, finally, there is the lovely (ok, maybe Ive used the word too often here...quite telling) ambient lament "like a honeycomb" ... a reflection on Britain's pastoral past and it's concrete present..."and the land's all sectioned off..like a honeycomb". Seems Yan is singing to the land itself. Still the most challenging, accomplished and genuine band out there for my money...would love to catch them live on the next tour, cause I hear they pack a wallop, much like the old incarnations of the Bunnymen, to whom they're often (and rightfully) compared

Go get it...still waiting on the HOL speciall order ...Days Run Away


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