Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Babe Rainbow

Bit of a ramble here, but its been a while. Looking forwrad to the House of Love write-up, Steve; have already read a few tid-bits here, from Uncut & Guardian, and they're saying it's a throwback to late 80s psychedelic-dream pop. Life could e worse ! As some take it or leave it trivia, noted that the Luna tune 'Rainbow Babe' is about a 60s pop-art painting (actually, the painting is "Babe Rainbow", but same difference). HOL have a desperatley overlooked disc of the same name...with the painting on the cover. Synergy ! I've attached a link to the painting and a bit about Peter Blake.

Coupla things have really struck me on a (surprisingly) decent homegrown indie station here in KC....(hey, it's not Omaha, but what can you do ?) This from someone who had sworn off el radio years ago: Keane ('Everybody's Changing'), a beautiful single reminiscent of Travis' better moments and Coldplay's lighter side. Shouldn't be disappointed by this one. While on AD looking @ Keane info., noted the Delays were referenced as a similar band - from Southampton (from whence BSP hail, I believe) - a cross between the Hollies & Cocteau Twins, with a disc titled 'Faded Seaside Glamour' (worthy of name alone). Other bits and bobs: anyone have any info. on the Thrills (like what I've heard so far) and/or a mystery and (to me) that plays a JD dead ringer called 'Honest Mistake' (looked on AD - empty handed) ? That's it for now, but will post an article 'bout mope rock somehow relevant to our own sad interests...courtesy of Lee !


At 7:07 AM, Blogger Drew Forsberg said...

You can actually listen to the first 4 songs from the album on The House of Love's label website, Art and Industry. Go to the Audio link at the bottom and it'll pop up a Shockwave media player (no way to download any MP3s, unfortunately). So far I like what I've heard. I was a huge fan of these guys in the late 80's/early 90's and was fortunate to see them live @ First Avenue in Minneapolis on tour circa 1993 (for Audience With The Mind, I guess). It took me a year or two to snatch up a CD copy of their out-of print first self-titled album on It's always bummed me out that these guys didn't get more attention/success back in their heyday...


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