Sunday, February 20, 2005


The latest online is called podcasting which essentially is delivering recorded online sound files to your computer to use on your iPod. Essentially a hybrid of a blog and radio. It essentially becomes TIVO for radio and the BBC is starting to put some of its content into podcast form. There are rumours that NPR will as well. There are about 1000 regular shows right now - and most are amateur shows including a guy who takes a recorder with him on his commute to work, records everything and then puts it up on the web to subscribe and listen to...

Here is an NPR segment on this. Apparently originally started by Adam Curry, former MTV disc jockey, I found a number of shows which have share alternative music. Here is a link to download the software, which allows you to subscribe to different shows. There are many shows listed there as well which you add to the software and it will start subscribing to these. The shows then appear in your iTunes once downloaded.

I am currently going to check out the following shows to see if they are worth it -

The Daily Source Code by Adam Curry
Insomnia Radio

Will write about this more one I have listened to all of this...


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