Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Luna - New Album & End of an Era

The new Luna album Rendezvous has a number of standout tracks including Malibu Love Nest and Speedbumps...I cannot stop singing the latter song. Album is on iTunes and a more detailed review of the album on pitchforkmedia. Obviously this band has a huge debt to the Velvet Underground as they shift between songs with walls of rhythm guitar and then beautiful ballads. Starting off in the ashes of Galaxy 500, and releasing multiple standout albums including LunaPark, Bewitched, Penthouse, the highlight of their career is their live album from a couple of years ago, which is a must have (I think I have played this at least 200 times). Epitonic has two songs from that live set - Anesthesia and Tiger Lily. They are unforunately on their farewell tour right now (were in San Francisco a week ago, which I unfortunately missed), but they have left behind some great music.


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