Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Legends?

With a name like "The Legends" you better be able to back it up, but their debut release is absolutely incredible. They are in the Noise Pop genre and this album is one of the highlights of the year. The songs have a timeless feel to them and I highly recommend The Kids Just Want to Have Fun, There and Back Again, and Nothing to Be Done. Here is the review from allmusic which raves about this album - "the kind of stunning debut that makes you excited about the possibilities of pop music. ...Indie pop in 2004 doesn't get any better than this." You can download There and Back Again and Call It Ours, and When Day is Done from Up Against the Legends.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Drew Forsberg said...

I liked The Legends so much that I found 2 more free MP3s and edited your post to include them. And I just ordered their CD from


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