Thursday, July 29, 2004

More Recommendations From Lee

And insofar as new tunes of late go...the last best thing I heard was Northern Picture Library's "Still Life"...esp "Song for Dead Che (1) &(2)". The band NPL is related to the former Field Mice as well as current The Trembling Blue Stars.

I also recommend Jah Wobble's "Molam Dub". He's got tons of discs in his Hertz series I have only recently obtained and begun to process. They all seem to be very different. Got to give the man some credit for having loads of ideas the last few years. But then he found a patron of the arts tof urther his musings after his career apparently got sidelined a while back. As Mike can tell you, in the early 1990s I think Jah Wobble was doing sometruly great stuff. He's sure worked with some greats...Holger Czukay & Jacki Liebetz (of the incomparablke German Prog or "Kraut" Rock band Can) the Edge, Brian Eno and Natasha Atlas as I recall.

Finally, Warren turned me on to a late 1990s Electronica series called Freezone you might check out. It's aged very well as have many things from a decade ago. It is essentially on the wonderful old indie import label Crammed Discs. Each volume is two cds compiled by DJ Morpheus. It's pretty chilly, but not exacty narcoleptic, somnambulent or soporific...if you know what I mean. ;-)


At 10:57 AM, Blogger Drew Forsberg said...

I hadn't heard of the Field Mice until just recently. I was listening to SomaFM's Indie Pop Rocks station through iTunes and they were playing several of their songs in heavy rotation (why I don't know but they were great). I wanted to check out the Field Mice but the only CD that's even remotely available is the 2-disc retrospective Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?. Unfortunately, that puppy is out of print and fetches $75-100 on or Amazon. So, does anyone own that album and if so recommend it strongly? I like the sound clips on Amazon but can't justify spending that much after only hearing 5 snippets... And even then, I just don't think I'm "High Fidelity" enough to spend that much on an album.

At 11:05 PM, Blogger Steve Malloy said...

I will forward this note to Lee and find out...


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