Wednesday, June 30, 2004

More NYC Rock and Roll

First up a band from NYC called The Walkmen, who are part of the whole Interpol, Strokes, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs scene. This is my favorite song from that scene, completely filled with anger and passion -

The Rat - The Walkmen

And the second recommendation is a band that the Walkmen tour with, who I also think are great...

Bandages - Hot, Hot, Heat


At 7:08 AM, Blogger Drew Forsberg said...

RadioK was playing The Rat by The Walkmen quite heavily a few months back. Interestingly, when I looked for it on iTunes, they had the album (Bows + Arrows) but The Rat was the ONLY song NOT available for individual download. You could only get it by buying the full album. However, just checked today and the song can be bought separately now. Love iTunes but sometimes their marketing strategies mystify me.


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