Monday, June 14, 2004

Glam Soundtracks

I've been enjoying Modest Mouse - Float On myself. I've had their album Lonesome Crowded West for years and would recommend it.

Since it's been awhile, I'm going to go way over my limit and recommend 2 albums. Tonight's theme is:

Great soundtracks from good-to-mediocre movies about fictitious glam rock bands.

1) Velvet Goldmine. Follows the rise and fall of a very Bowie-esque figure during the glam rock heyday in the UK. The movie is confusing and confused, although visually stunning and interesting. The music is great! It includes contemporary originals by Lou Reed, T-Rex, Roxy Music; covers of period songs by current groups; and originals written in the glam style for the movie that fit right in beautifully. Bowie himself is conspicuously absent but he wouldn't agree to participate. Interestingly, some of the cover bands are supergroups: Wylde Ratttz, which includes most of the non-Iggy Pop members of the Stooges plus movie star Ewan McGregor on vocals; and Venus in Furs, which has a bunch of Brit Pop people including Thom Yorke.

2) Hedwig & the Angry Inch. Follows a male-born East German would-be rock star who's sex change operation was botched, leaving him with an "angry inch." Personally, I enjoyed this movie (based on a Broadway musical) more than Velvet Goldmine. At any rate, the album is great and has some cool glammy songs. Also, Bob Mould plays guitar on the soundtrack.

FYI, I usually hate soundtracks and before these 2, probably haven't bought one since Pretty in Pink.



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